About Us

About Us

Cooperation Peace Academy was born in January 2023, from the will and action of a Promoting Committee, chaired by Gaetano Visalli (Secretary General of the International Agency for Cooperation and Peace); at the present date there are many subscribers who share and will share the path.

The Manifest is the instrument proposed by the Promoting Committee, to build a broad, global network, with the aim of creating more Academies in the world for cooperation and peace between people.

ACADEMIES: what are they?

They are territorial areas, located in the world networked with each other.

They are places and spaces of listening to studies and thoughts to promote research, analysis and exchange on positive experiences in different nations.

The Academies will be workshops of ‘peace crafts’, opportunities for meetings and confrontation in the social, economic, socio-political, cultural and artistic areas.

Each Academy will aim to create real synergies between the same and different individuals, for the reflection and definition of concrete actions for proposals to resolve the serious situations taking place at global level.

Each subscriber is the protagonist of Peace Academies and will be able to operate all over the world as an Ambassador of Peace, helping the human race adopt peaceful behaviors.


  • The analysis of processes, the study, the identification of new models, in the logic of good practices. Encourage confrontation and cooperation, so that REAL SOLUTIONS are identified that, made available to governments, public and private bodies, national and Supranational organizations, manage to bridge the gap between public development policies and actions of the protagonists.
  • The promotion of shared, experienced thinking, with actions carried out and evaluated, providing support for the rebirth of a new society that can base its well-being on the prerequisites of lasting cooperation, which favors processes of permanent peace.
  • The encouragement of the sharing of ideas that create ‘revolutionary’ processes and new methodologies and that aim at a harmonization of the relationship between men, nations and planet earth.


  • We put Peace back at the center by working as artisans and Ambassadors of Peace
  • We build the values of world peace
  • We encourage cooperation between the peoples


Actors and protagonists of the Academies: each subscriber of the Manifesto will be able to collaborate With the Promoting Committee by giving their own availability of time, thought and specific actions.
Each active subscriber will be an Ambassador of Peace and will have access to operational information and tools, with an ambassador passport of the Cooperation Peace Academy.

Depliant of the Accademy

The depliant is available in PDF, you can print it and distribute it.